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Have stress issues? Dance! Have an exam the next day? Dance harder :) - Yours Avi

Dance is a stress-buster activity for me as I have experienced the therapeutic benefits of the alluring classical art form of Bharatanatyam. I have trained in Bharatanatyam for 10 years under the able tutelage of Guru Smt. Kanaka Sudhakar. I participated in dance productions that showcased stories like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Jhansi ki Rani-Lakshmibai and excerpts from Mahabharata. These opportunities not only gave me a platform to showcase my talent but also introduced me to multiple facets involved in staging a dance drama.

My kids on the day of the performance

These performances inspired me to choreograph dance-dramas that convey social messages to the masses by depicting stories based on folklore, Indian epics, and anecdotes of one of the most revered Hindu god-Krishna. Janmashtmi thus became my favourite festival. For 10 years along with my parents I have been staging hour long performances on the eve of the festival at Golok Dham Temple. These 3-4 months before Janmashtmi is the most cherishable time for me where I work with kids and help them groom themselves to better more confident individuals on stage. Writing the script, dialogue recording, costume designing, sound editing, and managing backstage have helped me appreciate the value of teamwork.

A glimpse from the past

My happiest times :)

I am working on sharing my 10 years of janmashtmi choreographies online, but that might take some time- stay tuned :P

Uptil then, I have shared some glimpses on youtube here-

My youtube playlist!

Also, you can visit my Janmashtmi Gallery too to glimpse over photographs from rehearsals to backstage photoshoots-

Following mythology-based serials, watching and participating in street plays for bringing awareness in slum areas about various socio-economic and cultural issues also constitute a major part of my cherishable memories. Interactions with the participants and audience kept me humble, made me more sensitive and empathetic.