My Story

My favourite quote

Before that, my personality type ? INFJ-T :) It's always a spectrum though, for you and for me! We are only humans afterall :P !

Meet me


I am a good example of an OXYMORON, the T(Turbulent) in the personality type does justice to that! The bubbly introvert, the gracefully weird dancer, the dumbo genius, the absent mided observer!

As life lies in diversity, so is mine. I have experienced that the synergy of diversity creates wonders. I fully accept that ‘diversity is not about how we differ, it is about embracing one another’s uniqueness’. I like working in a team but sometimes I find solace in solitude, a part of me wants to travel the world while sometimes like many I also love the comfort of home, I can be very talkative and at times very quiet, I am very observant and I strive to be perfect(that's a myth!) continuously improve and yet I equally accept my imperfections, I want to learn and grow but I also like to teach and mentor, I like to cultivate the artist in me but I aspire to be a scientist who can find solutions from different perspectives to solve real-world challenges.

A part of my professional journey was featured in One million Women in STEM ie 1MWIS. Do give it a read :)